Where Are The Endorphins???

In the words of Elle Woods “Exercise releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy”. However, unlike the super chipper Elle, exercise does not make me happy!!!

Today was the first time I’ve exercised since having our youngest 15 weeks ago. Well, to be honest, I haven’t exercised for a lot longer than that, and I’m talking long before pregnancy. I did a short HIIT session first thing this morning and was a sweaty, blotchy mess in no time.

The afor mentioned HIIT session was then followed by a spot of gymnastics as I tried to wrestle myself out of my too tight and now sweaty sports bra.

This was after I practically crawled up the stairs to the bathroom, on legs made of jelly.

So after all this, I expected the happy hormones to kick in and make me feel fantastic about the extra effort I’d put in to shift the kilo’s. Alas, endorphin’s never appeared and I’ve hobbled around like an old women all day, much to the amusement of my husband.

He’s obviously never seen Legally Blonde, and isn’t aware of the danger of lack of endorphins. As the quote from Elle ends ‘Happy women just don’t kill their husbands’, and unfortunately for him, I’m one unhappy woman who could quite easily kill if he carries on laughing at me!


Dieting With A Family

Hubby dearest was slightly taken back when he figured out I was dieting. We’d said we’d up our healthy eating game about a month ago, but his love of lager and my love of, well, food (!), saw that last about three days.

I must give off signs that my steely determination has kicked in, because he gave me one look and said “bloody hell, you’re serious aren’t you?”

You see hubby is good at sticking to a diet generally, because wifey here plans and cooks all the meals. However he finds it extremely hard not to call into a shop on his way home from work for a couple of cans, and when I diet, his own need to get healthier seems to surface and he becomes guilt ridden about having a drink on an evening. Hence the panic striken face when he knows I’ve upped my game.

I explained the horrid photos and accompanying horrid feelings after the outing with my mum, and he said he thinks I look lovely, but he knows how upset I am and that I’m not happy in my own skin.

In his own way he tries to make me feel not quite so bad about being the size of a house side, and I think he feels partly responsible, having wanted three children and knowing a lot of the weight has found its way on during pregnancy. 

However he isn’t responsible. 

There are plenty of women in the world who have babies and regain slim, healthy bodies after birth, and I need to stop using pregnancy as an excuse for my weight gain.
I’m very conscious of the food my children eat, and we’ve been blessed so far with two out of the three being the least picky eaters you’ll meet, who also have a love of fruit and vegetables. 

My main aim in life, as far as my children are concerned, is to send them out into the world as happy, balanced individuals, who are self sufficient. Having a healthy relationship with food is a massive part of that. I don’t want my daughter to get to the age I am now, and have been dieting for half her life like I have. 

My oldest son is more and more aware of what makes people individual, and while he is an amazingly loving and kind little boy, accepting of all people, there will come a point when he realises that mummy has issues with her weight.

Family time is important to us, and we socialise around meals, so I don’t want to eat seperately from my family, just because I’m dieting.

I’ve been working out the calories in my evening meals, ensuring we do have this time together, and then using the remainder of my daily allowance to actively diet in the day when they are at school.

So far so good.

P.S. hubby figured out I was dieting after saying, “Have you lost weight?”, so I must be doing something right……

Neglect All Round

Wow! I really am dire at this blogging lark!

It’s been 18 months almost, since my last post, and in that time we’ve added another baby to our brood.

So while the children and hubby dearest are very much being cared for, I’ve been neglecting myself and my diet, hence an ever expanding waistline and scales which scream everytime I step on them.

I officially weigh more than I ever have, my BMI is quite frankly disgraceful and I’m still in maternity clothes 12 weeks after giving birth, as they’re all that fit me!

Between theee kids and three part time jobs, I think I’ve been distracted enough to put my weight (and waistline) to the back of my mind. That is until yesterday, when on an outing with my lovely Mum, I couldn’t avoid it anymore. My fat ass was captured numerous times on photo’s and I couldn’t ignore the issue any longer.

So this morning I bit the bullet, got weighed, calculated my BMI, did an internal scream when I realised exactly how much weight I had to lose, and started using my fitness pal again.

At some point I will need to involve exercise in my life again, but at the minute, the thought of going anywhere outside my own home in Lycra or the like, fills me with dread.

So the first plan is to try to eat well and keep track of everything that goes through my lips, instead of being in denial at how much and how rubbish I’ve been eating of late. 

Littlest child is due for weighing again in 5 weeks time when she has her next vaccinations, so my plan is to get weighed when she does and not before. I’m hoping that will stop the interim disappointment that throws me off the good eating band wagon, when the scales aren’t always as positive as I’d like.

Small milestones on the major route to fitness are needed. 

Currently at base camp with Mt.Everest looming before me……

Be Careful What You Wish For

So it’s just been half term holidays for the kids, and quite honestly it’s been the worse one yet.

Both kids have had cold/flu, and I’ve had to work, meaning family members have been our saviours and stepped in to save the day and look after our boys.

Being the kind little blighters they are, our lovely offspring have generously shared their germs with me, resulting in three full days in bed (and still being there as I write this!)

Stupidly I made an off hand comment to the husband last week about how it would be nice to have cold for a couple of days to lose a few pounds. 

Stupid, stupid woman!

I may be 9lb lighter, after consuming a grand total of a handful of grapes in three days, and my skin maybe flawless after drinking copious amounts of water, but my legs are like jelly when I try to stand and I have a barking cough that resembles the charming noise seals make.

Husband dearest is not coping well taking on all duties. Having had to work this weekend as well, he’s exhausted, and therefore ridiculously grumpy. We are not a happy household.

But I’m going to pack it in with the whinging, because over the next few days, I’ll get better, my appetite will return spectacularly I’m sure and husband dearest will chill out with the meltdowns.

My lovely Mum goes through this every three weeks and doesn’t whinge or complain. She plods on and does what she can when she can, and stays upbeat the entire time. That wonderful woman is managing chemo like a superhero, and here I am whinging about the sniffles! 

Time for some perspective……

Graceful Is Not My Middle Name

Yesterday morning husband dearest decided to go for a run. This is someone who has never ran and yet he managed the best part of 3 miles. How is this fair? I had a bloody app to gradually get me to that distance (that took 8 weeks might I add), and that cocky sod just does it straight out the gate!

Granted he’s not as overweight as me, or asthmatic, and doesn’t have the worlds largest breasticles to drag around with him, but 3 bloody miles!!! Just like that!

Not to be outdone I thought I’d christen the new trainers (purchased with support insoles to try and stop the shin splints), and off I went this morning.

Less than 300 yards from the house I could have sat down at the roadside and cried. Seriously, if you don’t use it you definitely lose it! It’s been months since I ran and my god don’t I know it. 

After leaving our village going uphill, I decided to abandon the roads and make my way back across fields. Running on fields seems to reduce the shin splints and I feel much happier away from roads and houses where people can gawk and chuckle at the chunky loon throwing herself about on a Sunday morning.

This morning I should have stuck to the roads. 

100 metres into the field I realised that the new trainers were taking on water, or more accurately, mud! A further 100 metres on, the field decided to swallow one of my trainers. Now, this has happened before, so I just chuckled, dug up said trainer and carried on. Unfortunately this was just the start of things to come.

Another few hundred metres down the field is a little stream with a bridge. The banking down to the bridge is rather steep and my feet decided to move faster than my body, resulting in my backside hitting the deck and going down the rest of the hill on my bum.

Luckily it didn’t hurt and I didn’t end up in the stream, so again I chuckled, brushed myself off and carried on.

Now I’ve never been a fan of dogs and I’m convinced they hunt out those who are nervous around them. The last field before the road back home had a dog walker, and what I’m sure was the worlds most hyper hound! This batshit crazy mutt thought my loloping across the field was an invitation to chase, cue massive squeals from me and lots of giddy yelping from the beast. Dopey owner just looked on gormelessly as I tried in vain to zigzag away from the crazy furball. I only managed to escape by diving across a stile into the next field.

I may have only ran (I use this term lightly) less than a mile and a half, but my heart rate must have been mental on several occasions. This was not the graceful return to running I had envisaged. May have to rethink the route, or the running.

Now to put the trainers, running gear and pants on a boil wash….


The Nashers Are On The Move!

So aligner number two is now in place and the dull ache and feeling of pressure is back.

Having had traditional ‘train track’ braces as a teenager, I can quite confidently say these are so much confuse and more tolerable. There are no ulcers from where the fixings have rubbed against by lips and cheeks, and I haven’t snagged my tongue on these once!

The only real issue I’ve had is that my front tooth, the one that needs the most shifting, is quite sensitive. It’s a similar feeling to cold sensitivity but not when I have anything cold, go figure!

So my teeth have already moved, my molars have been pushed slightly back and there are gaps appearing between my front teeth that weren’t there before (small but noticeable to me when cleaning with my interdental tools). My ‘snaggle’ tooth is actually worse, but I think it has been pushed in such a way so it can unhook from behind the tooth next to it.

So here’s three weeks in…..

Also check out the Forsyth chin! The double ones on its way out as the diet plods on!

Let’s Start Again

  So……. The whole blogging, exercising, getting healthy lark kind of went out of the window towards the end of last year. Other things took my attention and other people needed me more than I needed to be there for myself.

However, (not to sound all cliche) new year, new start and all that.

The Bodycoach 90 Day SSS Plan had fab results for the time I stuck to it last year, so that’s now back in action and happily I’ve eaten lovely food the last week and managed to loose 6lb!

I do think this has been helped by my other self improvement tool, a Smilelign brace, meaning I’ve not snacked due to the farce of having to remove my brace and clean my teeth every time I eat.

Having had conventional braces as a teenager, my teeth have gradually returned to their original state and the introduction of wisdom teeth into my apparently small mouth made the overcrowding even worse. (I can hear my mum sniggering about the small mouth comment from here! Yes it may never stop chattering mother dearest but the dentist has told me it’s actually quite small for the amount of teeth it has!)

Anyways, the diet and brace weren’t intended as a new year resolution, dental appointment timings and a fridge full of Christmas food crying out to be eaten have just meant it’s all ended up kicking off as the new year did.

Husband dearest is also on board with the healthy eating lark meaning I’m not having to cook several separate meals to feed the household, which is making things much easier to stick to.

The brace has been in place for almost three weeks, which means it’s almost time to change to the second of the eleven I need, to straighten out my upper nashers. I’m also due to have 6 aligners to make my lower ones lovely and straight, however the aforementioned small mouth couldn’t quite cope with all that plastic and left me gagging. After speaking to my dentist and her assistants I’ve decided to go with one set at a time to make them manageable.

So here are my before teeth, will post update after each brace is completed……